Head checks

A head check is performed to determine if a client has head lice or nits (lice eggs). Thin layers of hair are checked for nits and/or bugs. We focus on the primary areas of the scalp while checking for evidence.


Treatment is the multistep process of completely removing nits, nymphs and lice from the head and hair. We perform all treatments in accordance with “The Shepherd Method™.” The process begins with the application of a safe, non-toxic product to assist in the removal, followed by combing the hair with a specialized nit removal comb. Next, a trained technician examines the hair strand-by-strand and removes any remaining nits, nymphs and lice. Lastly, the hair is thoroughly combed through a final time while checking for any remaining nits or lice to ensure eradication is a success!

School/Camp/Daycare Screenings

Remove-A-Lice staff is happy to come to your school, camp or daycare to perform proper headchecks and educate your staff on how to identify and help prevent lice. We can also provide presentations to administration, staff and/or at PTO/PTA meetings. Please contact Remove-A-Lice by phone at 205-508-3769 or visit our clinic at 445 Main Street, Suite 117 in Trussville to schedule an appointment or presentation.

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