Montgomery, Ala. Lice Outbreak Not True, Say School Officials

Rumors in Montgomery about a head lice outbreak are not true, school officials have said.

Three fourth grade students at Flowers Elementary School were recently diagnosed with head lice and sent home for treatment, and have not yet returned to school. As part of the school’s general operating procedure, parents of all fourth grade students at the school received a letter informing them of the cases. This letter prompted a rumor of a mass outbreak of head lice at Flowers Elementary, but school officials say that isn’t the case.

“[T]here has been no other case of head lice within the schools, and there has been no outbreak,” system spokeswoman Mona Davis told WSFA News. She went on to add that lice “[do] not require spraying or fumigation of classrooms.”

When the three affected students return to class, they will be inspected by a school nurse to ensure all traces of head lice have been cleared before being allowed to return to class.

Social media reports claimed that “dozens” of students were infected, but that is simply not the case.

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