Are you looking for lice removal, treatment, products and services in Trussville, Alabama? If so, call Remove-A-Lice, the local, safe head lice removal company and the only lice removal service in the state certified in the Shephard Method.

“The Shepherd Method” is a safe and proven method of treating lice once with monitoring afterwards. While combing is a vital tool within the Shephard Method, it is our methodical and meticulous approach that ensures all hair has been examined and all lice and nits removed. We ensure that when clients leave our facility, we have done everything possible to ensure they are lice and nit free.

Furthermore, the Shepherd Method is based on a treat once and treat right mentality that eliminates the need for multiple treatments, as well as the needless treatments of those without head lice.

At Remove-A-Lice, we are so confident in our ability to 100% remove head lice that we back it up with our 30 day guarantee. We stay up to date on all the latest lice removal trends, products, and methods and pass that information along to our customers.

Parents who are dealing with a head lice infestation already have enough to worry about. Their children may not attend school until they are fully free of head lice, and over-the-counter approaches often do not fully remove head lice. Don’t waste money on products that won’t get the job done, or risk having to take multiple days off from work… come see us! Our certified professionals will get the job done on the first time, we guarantee it.

Remove-A-Lice will put our expertise to work for you and remove head lice fast. If you are looking for lice removal, treatment, products and services in Trussville, Alabama, call Remove-A-Lice at (205) 508-3769 today!

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