How to Identify Head Lice at Home

Head lice: just thinking about it is enough to make your head start itching. While not contagious, these tiny little insects are prone to spread quickly and easily — especially in schools. If your child comes home scratching, make sure you are able to identify the signs of head lice.

If you are unsure, we can do a head check for you. For just $25 (includes $15 terminator comb needed for checking), we will perform a head check on your child and give you a true diagnosis. If your child does have head lice, we can go ahead and remove it during your visit and won’t charge for the initial head check!

Below are some tell-tale signs you can use to determine if your child has lice:

  • Constant scratching, especially behind the ears and on the back of the neck
  • Feeling like something is moving on or tickling the scalp and hair
  • An earthy odor on the scalp
  • Crusting and open sores


You can also identify lice by looking for nits, which are lice eggs. These white objects look similar to dandruff and stick to hair roots and shafts. They are easiest to spot behind the ears and at the nape of the neck. If nits are present, your child has head lice.

When choosing a lice treatment, it is important to choose one that removes both head lice and nits… otherwise, when the nits hatch, you’ll have to treat them all over again! There are many popular home remedies for treating head lice, but many are not proven or simply do not work. Here are a few home treatments that we recommend avoiding:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Olive oil
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Insecticide fogs


Remove-A-Lice is specialized in the Shepherd Method of lice removal — one that removes both head lice and their nits. We are so confident in our treatment, we guarantee it! Call us today to make your appointment for a head check or lice removal at (205) 508-8769.

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