Do 'Selfies' Really Spread Head Lice?

It’s been all over the news lately: taking selfies can lead to the spread of head lice, say “experts.”

Ever since the notorious selfie that Ellen Degeneres took at the Oscars, folks in the head lice business have been talking about how they are leading to an increase in head lice infestations.

Let’s talk about the facts, instead of fiction, however.

It’s important to know that, contrary to popular belief, head lice cannot jump or fly. They¬†do crawl, however, and they can crawl rather quickly. It only takes five seconds for them to get from one head to another.

“[E]xperts say transmitting lice while taking a selfie is technically possible, but since lice cannot fly or jump, they’d have to crawl, and that can take a while, so you’d probably have to be head-to-head with your gal pal for longer than a few seconds,” writes Washington Post’s Ariana Eunjung Cha.

The key takeaway here is not that selfies cause head lice, but that head-to-head contact is the primary way lice is spread.

Kids are especially prone to getting head lice, as they often spend the most time in close contact to one-another where lice can spread, with schools and daycares being especially vulnerable to outbreaks.

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So go ahead and take that selfie, just don’t hold the pose for too long.

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