About Remove-A-Lice

Sara McClendon decided to venture into the business of professionally and safely removing lice after she and her children had a frustrating personal experience with head lice. She tried several over-the-counter methods for her kids, but to no avail! So she sought out professional help and “voila!” No more lice for her kids!

Sara decided then and there that she must know more about this awesome technique so that she could help others.

After months of research and intensive training, Sara became certified in the “Shepherd Method” created by Katie Shepherd. After completing her certification, Sara opened her first clinic: Remove-A-Lice!

As Sara says, “Helping others understand what is necessary to become lice-free and stay that way is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. We look forward to growing our clinic and helping as many children as we can.”

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